How much can a software engineer in Vietnam earn?

How much can a software engineer in Vietnam earn?

Besides India and China, Vietnam is surging to become a large ICT service provider. With the aim to reach 1,000,000 software engineers in 2020 (according to Savycom), the Vietnamese Government is striving to create the most favorable conditions for technology development, encouraging people employed in the ICT field to constantly contribute to the digital success. Thus, software engineers are also supported efficiently in their own career path. Here are some reports showing how much money a software engineer in Vietnam can earn per month.

1, The average salary of Vietnamese software engineers per month

According to a new report of Salary Explorer, a typical software engineer in Vietnam can earn about 17,400,000 VND per month. The highest salary they can be given is 27,400,000 VND and the lowest one accounts for approximately 8,370,000 VND.

Compared with the average salary of other colleagues working in data analysis or information technology, the money a software engineer makes can be 2-4% higher. However, the salary of a software engineer in Vietnam is still lower than that of the foreigners. For example, with the same qualification and the same job, one can earn more than 95,000,000 VND in China, quintuple who is in Vietnam.

2, The average salary of software engineers due to some personal factors

Firstly, like any other jobs, the salary of software engineers mostly depends on the years of experience. A wealth of experience is obviously a competitive advantage that makes one can earn more than the others.

Software Engineer Salary Comparison by Years of Experience

According to the report, an experience level from five to ten years lands a salary of 18,300,000 VND per month, 31% more than someone with two to five years of experience. Thus, it is clear that the salary as well as the wage increase gradually when software engineers gains more experience.

Software Engineer Salary Comparison By Education

Secondly, education is one of the determinants of how much a software engineer earns. Higher education comes with a bigger salary. Software engineers with Master’s Degree make a mere of 25,900,000 VND per month, well over the average salary of the typical ones.

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