[E-book] The ultimate guide to working remotely

[E-book] The ultimate guide to working remotely

The Corona virus pandemic has been raising the work-from-home trend, making millions of people into remote workers. So, what exactly does remote work refer to? Why people should work remote? How to stay productive while working remotely? We have made a research to find answers for all related questions.

1. What is remote work?

Remote work refers to work which is being done by people that are not in the same location. No matter how you slice it, remote work typically means your teams need to leverage communication tools like messengers, video conferencing, phones, visual collaboration tools, and task trackers to get things done. (Miro)

2. Why we should work remotely?

Stepping into the fourth industrial revolution, we have different ways to manage our work. Instead of working at the office, we can work remotely and well managed everything thanks to technologies. We now can combine messengers, email, video conferencing, cloud documents, and project management software to make our work goes smoothly. The coronavirus leaves us a lesson that well preparing for remote working will help enterprises cope with crisis and remain stable no matter what happens. Besides, we should not consider working remotely as a future trend but it is already the way various giant companies worldwide are sucessfully operating their business

3. How to stay productive while working from home?

Since understanding the corona widespread may cause large demand on how to operate and work effectively from home, we have collected and synthesized valuable information into an e-book such as:

  • Remote work checklist by Microsoft
  • The guide to remote work by Miro
  • FlexJobs 2019 Annual Survey: Flexible Work Plays Big Role in Job Choices
  • How to embrace remote work by Trello
  • Why Open Plan Offices are Bad News For Employees by Entrepreneur

The book is suitable either for managers or employees to have deep knowledge and practices on remote working.The marterials quoted from reliable sources combined with our insights during 26 years of experience working in the field of ICT. You can totally download e-book free on the link below.

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