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CMC is the second-largest technology corporation in Vietnam. Established in 1993, CMC has affirmed its position in the Vietnam market and many countries around the world through three key business activities: Technology & Solution Division (Technology & Solution), International Business (Global Business), Telecommunications Service Division (Telecommunications).

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  • 1993 - 2003
    1993. HT&HT Co., Ltd. (precursor of CMC Corporation) was established on 26/5/1993 1996. Established System Integration Center (precursor of CMC SI) and Software Solution Center (precursor of CMC Soft) Established CMC headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City 2003. Established CMS Computer Company - the first National brand computer manufacturer of Vietnam
  • 2007 - 2008
    2007. Officially changed into CMC Corporation Simultaneously established 2 companies: CMC Distribution Company (CMC Distribution) and CMC Telecom Service Company (now CMC Telecom) 2008.

    Established CMC Information Security JSC (now CMC Infosec)

    Established CMC-SE joint venture with Segmenta of Denmark (now Ciber CMC JSC) Established CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure JSC (CMC TI)
  • 2010 - 2012
    2010. Officially registered over 63.5 million shares with code of CMG on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

    Became a strategic shareholder of Netnam, owning 43.8% of total shares

    Grand opening of CMC Tower with attached sign for celebration of Millennium Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi

    2012. Established CMC System Integration Saigon Co., Ltd. (CMC SI Saigon)
  • 2013 - 2014
    2013. CMC Soft was honored in Top 20 ASEAN Famous Brands Security service of CMC Infosec was the most favorite of the year as voted by VNISA 2014. CMC was given the flag of “Company with Excellent Achievements” of Hanoi CMS, CMC Telecom and CMC SISG received ICT Gold Medals and were ranked among Top 5 ICT companies of Vietnam CMC Soft was honored in Top 30 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam Established the CMC Institute of Science and Technology (CIST)
  • 2015
    CMC Corporation was ranked number 1 among “Top 5 ICT Companies 2015” and honored by the Ministry of Finance as “Prominent IT Partner”

    CMC Telecom signed a Strategic Investment Agreement with Time dotcom Berhad (Malaysia)

    CMC Infosec was handed over the flag to host AVAR International Conference 2015 for global prevention of malware by the Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR)
  • 2016
    CMC received a certificate of merit from Ministry of Information and Communications for the contribution to the development of the Information and Communications of Vietnam CMC Software was ranked among Top 50 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam CMC SI received the award of “Country Partner of the Year 2016” by Microsoft CMC Telecom was ranked among Top 25 Most Promising Telecom Solution Providers by APAC CIO Outlook. CMC Infosec received the award of “Prominent Asia-Pacific Network Security Vendor 2016” by Frost & Sullivan
  • 2017
    Introduced new Corporation Identity Program and Business Strategy towards 2020.
    Established CMC Innovation Center; Launched CMC Innovation Fund and CMC Lab.
    Launched “Go Global” strategy and established CMC Global 7 November 2017: CMC Japan was opened in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
    December 2017: CMC Telecom launched Cross Vietnam Cable System (CVCS) and the third Data Center CMC InfoSec officially opened the next generation security operation center
  • 2018 - 2019
    In FY 2018, CMC Corp had revenue of 260 million USD and profit before tax of 13.9 million USSD; growth in revenue and profit increased 11.2% and 13.2% respectively compared to FY 2017 In April 2019, CMC launched the CMC Open Ecosystem for Enterprise (C.OPE2N) In 2019, CMC targets to reach 326 million USD in revenue, 17 million USD in profit. In 2023, CMC aims to become a billion-dollar company (1 billion USD in revenue)
  • 2020
    In July, CMC was recognized by HR ASIA as one of the companies with the best working environment in Asia in 2020. In August, CMC ranked 6th in the Top 10 prestigious IT - Telecommunication Enterprises in 2020. CMC TS ranked 2nd in top 10 Technology Enterprises providing Software Services & Solutions Integrating the prestigious system in 2020 (Vietnam Report).

2023 Strategy

CMC aims to become a global corporation in 2023 by focusing on 3 key business activities: Technology, Global Business and Telecommunications. By 2023, CMC set its ambition to become a billion-dollar company and reach 10,000 employees.


Become a World-class global corporation. Focus on business development in 3 areas: Technology Solutions, International Business and Telecommunication Services.


Building in-depth capabilities in specialized solutions and core technologies, building an Open Infrastructure Ecosystem for businesses and organizations (C.OPE2N), providing multiple services to customers, is the foundation for connecting with leading technology solution firms in the world.


Focus on strategic markets: Banking, finance, business, government and international market expansion.


Reach 1 billion USD and 10,000 employees by 2023, in which the revenue from Technology Solutions is 10,000 billion VND, Communication Services is 10,000 billion VND and International Business is 5,000 billion VND.


If you have any questions about how our solutions will shape your future projects, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and have a talk!


If you have any questions about how our solutions will shape your future projects, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and have a talk!


If you have any questions about how our solutions will shape your future projects, don’t hesitate to drop us an email and have a talk!